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Darley Moor Pre-98 & Pre-Injection 600 Championship - Round 8 And Stars at Darley - October 13th 2013.

Round 8 saw the weather very wet, and rain was forecast all day.

Qualifying went very well, with Jamie going very well as usual in the wet and landing pole in both
classes, with Shane 2nd on the grid too in the Pre-98's feeling better in the wet with a few
suspension mods his confidence was growing.

As usual our 1st outing was for Jamie in the PI600's, and he took up his place on pole. Due to the 'Stars'
meeting, races were cut to just 1 race per class in the day, but for double points, over double the
lap count. So 15 laps was the duration. Jamie made a mega start, clear into 1st into the chicane and
away in 1st as he headed out of our view. Sadly the motor let go on the way into the 1st turn, so his
day frustratingly ended there, as it did for the bike!

So, down to our last race of the day, the rain continued into the Pre-98's race. Shane took his position
on pole, and headed away well, in 2nd place into the chicane. Ultimately he dropped to 3rd,
but a good safe ride, much happier in the wet so some of his confidence returning that the Michelins
in the Power Cup took away, so all in all a damn fine result.

To sum up, in our 1st year we've landed the Championship, set race records in both classes, loads
of wins, loads of trophies, and loads of laughs. True, it's been frustrating at times, as well as very
dissapointing when things went wrong, but all have taught us things.

Next year we'll be running in the Thundersports Golden Era Championship, so fingers crossed it all
goes well there!

Darley Moor Pre-98 & Pre-Injection 600 Championship - Round 7 - September 15th 2013.

Round 7 saw dry weather in the morning, but rain was forecast so hay made while the sun shone.

Qualifying went well, Shane landing pole by 1.5 seconds, and Jamie in 3rd in the Pre-98's, close behind the 2nd place runner. Ian qualified down the table a little in 5th, but traffic was an issue as a lot of bikes out together. Jamie lead the way in the PI600's, some 2.5seconds in front! The races for the day were set at 10 Laps length too against the usual 8 due to low numbers in some of the classes.

Our 1st outing was for Jamie in the PI600's, in which he lead from lights to flag, pulling a massive lead, creating a 12 second gap, no-one even in the same race. Bike back on top form too, with shifter reinstated after some Meltedsliders attention on the Dyno to bottom out the running faults of the previous meeting. Sorted.

The first Pre-98's race proved a challenge for us all. As the lights went out, Shane got the holeshot with Jamie in 2nd. Then the rain began to make itself known, a light spitting caused Shane to slow a little being on slicks, which let Jamie passed and into the lead. Shane dropped back to 3rd, and the 2nd place rider started to challenge Jamie. He made a pass but Jamie climbed all over the back of him. Then on the run down into Park Jamie caught the grass and went down. Rider ok thankfully, and bike not bad at all either. The rain then stopped so Shanes pace returned and he started to close the gap on the now leader. Soon past and clear, Shane set a blistering time, dipping below the 1 minute lap mark in far from ideal conditions. The race was his/ours, and the repairs to the 600 started!

The rain was now in for the day, and the track wet with standing water, so wets were fitted to the 600, and Shanes wet bike prepped ready to go. The 600 was soon fixed, cleaned of grass/mud, and re-scrutineered, Jamie was back in the hot seat for his 2nd PI600 outing of the day. He certainly wasn't affected by his earlier fall, nor the bike for that matter as he again lead from lights to flag in terrible conditions. No-one even came close, and Jamie landed his second win of the day over half a lap clear, some 36 seconds in front. Outstanding riding!

So, down to the last of our races of the day, the rain continued into the Pre-98's race. As the lights went out, Jamie took the lead and cleared off in proper Pearson Racing fashion! Again crossing the line at the flag some 12 seconds in front. Shane came home in 4th, struggling with set-up, which is something we can work on, but still a sound result, and as Championship winner, no need to push and risk an unneccessary crash in the circumstances. Good action, outstanding performances to everyone. A huge thanks also has to go to the wives, partners, friends and family of ALL involved, couldn't be done without all your support and help. Thank you!

Darley Moor Pre-98 & Pre-Injection 600 Championship - Round 6 - August 26th 2013.

Dry weather met with Round 6, so again good conditions for racing.

Qualifying went very well again for Shane, landing another pole in the Pre-98's. Jamie had running problems with the 600 and saw him lower on the grid after having to pull in after only 1 lap. Attentions were quickly given to the bike, and a disconnected vacuum hose was felt to be the issue

So, Jamies first race of the day, the PI600's saw him take his position on 10th on the grid due to the running issues in qualifying. As the lights went out it was clear the problems were not down to the hose, so Jamie had to retire on lap 1. When back in the pits, the carbs were hastily stripped and cleaned, and the quickshifter disconnected too to be sure we could run the next race.

As the grid formed up, Shane again taking his pole position, fingers were crossed that the hectic work had sorted the issue with the 600. As the lights went out, both Shane and Jamie got good starts, and with the 600 running again as it should, the race was on! Shnae pulled a good lap at the front, winning by ever 8 seconds. Second home was team mate Ian Morgan aboard the R1, and 3rd was Jamie on the 600 close behind. A good result, and an excellent effort from Jamie, running without a quickshifter so even more commendable. Good action guys!

Out for the second PI600 race, and Jamie was eager to get running. Out the lights went and off the guys went. Jamie taking an early lead ahead of Chris Salmons. The order remained all the way to the flag, with Jamie being closely followed but unchallenged to the end, some 14 seconds in front of the pack. Race record was also taken by Jamie too, knocking some 8 seconds off the overall race time.

As the bikes were prepped for the second and last Pre-98's race, it was noticed the charger for Jamies 'Total Loss' 600 had failed! As the guys mounted up Jamie tried to start the bike, but the battery was too low. Frantic efforts were made to swap out the battery but to no avail, so Jamie had another DNF. Not acceptable and the chargers were new, so far from good, to be resolved!
Shane ran away with the Pre-98's race, commanding a good lead again from lights to flag, and the win landing us the title for the year, so well done Shane, 2013 Pre-98's over 500cc Champion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Darley Moor Pre-98 & Pre-Injection 600 Championship - Round 5 - July 20th 2013.

Dry and warm weather met with Round 5, not as hot as in previous days thankfully, but good conditions for racing.

Shane had chosen to run in the Peak Cup too today, for time on the bike due to changes to both chassis and engine, so he was up to speed on it and the changes for the Pre-98's race. Qualifying 6th on the grid against current Superbikes, giving away 70bhp plus speaks volumes for the guys pace, and to the bike too I'd hope!

Qualifying went very well again for all the bikes, with Jamie taking his 2nd pole of the year in the PI600's and being the first rider to out-pace and out-qualify the title leader in a long time. And to put the icing on the cake Shane and Jamie took 1st and 2nd on the grid in the Pre-98's with good friend and Meltedsliders/Pearson Racing pit member Ian Morgan in 3rd on his R1.

Shane ran well in the Peak Cup, really getting on with the bike following the changes we'd made, and posted his quickest times this year, dippinh under the 1 minute lap time. Coming home 7th against a field of ZX10's, R1's 'Blades, etc is no mean feat and opened a few folks eyes along the way.

So, Jamies first race of the day, the PI600's saw him take his position on pole. 2 red flags in this class saw the race postponed until the final race before lunch, so the bikes came back to the pits to wait until the Pre-98's race.

The guys all headed back out for the Pre-98's, to a very full grid due to the following days meeting adding to the numbers. Taking their positions in 1st, 2nd and 3rd on the grid, the lights went out and the order stayed as per qualifying. Shane pulled a lead, with a small gap back to Jamie, with a similar gap to Ian in 3rd. Shane had issues with a sprocket cover breaking, so lost the clutch, but maintained his lead to the flag to take a well earned and well ridden win, Jamie 2nd home in front of many a larger and more powerful bike, with Ian in 3rd to make it a Meltedsliders/Pearson Racing 1 - 2 - 3.

Finally the rerun of the PI600's race came around, so Jamie headed back out onto his pole postition. A really good start saw him lead into the first turn, and stay there for the rest of the race. Followed closely all the way by the series leader, no chance to pass was offered, so Jamie led them home. Well deserved, and so well done.

The 2nd PI600's race of the day came soon after lunch, as it slotted back into it's intended position in the days running order. Jamie again took his pole but didn't quite get the start of the 1st race so slotted into 3rd place. Which is where he finished in a really good, fast ride, only 2.5 seconds behind the race winner.
Well done, all valuable points on the cards.

The 2nd Pre-98's race was virtually a carbon copy of the 1st race, with Shane up and away at the front, Jamie 2nd and not letting Shane get away, and Ian 3rd. Shane now heads the Pre-98's championship by a very good margin, and Jamie leaping up the order too now into 4th, with just a couple of points between him and Ian in 3rd and the 2nd place too. An excellent weekend, with a team that is becoming sharper and fitter too with every outing. Good times!!!!

Darley Moor Pre-98 & Pre-Injection 600 Championship - Round 4 - June 23rd 2013.

Sadly the sun of the Round 3 failed to make a reappearance, and the rain fell hard.

Qualifying went very well though, with Jamie taking his 1st pole of the year in the PI600's by a good margin, and to make it even better Shane and Jamie took 1st and 2nd on the grid in the Pre-98's!

So, with Jamie on pole for our first race of the day, the PI600's saw him lead from lights to flag, to bag the win. The 1st win of the year for Jamie, well done, faultless performance. Made even sweeter by Jamie lapping the series leader in the process!

Our second race of the day saw Shane on pole and Jamie 2nd on the grid for the Pre-98's, both got good starts to see the Meltedsliders/Pearson Racing bikes in 1st and 2nd. Shane pulled a few seconds lead with Jamie gapping the rest of the runners, then starting to close in on Shane! By the last corner of the penultimate lap, Jamie had closed the gap and was right on Shanes back wheel. Jamie then made the pass, made it well and pulled a slight lead to take the flag for his 2nd win of the day! Shane coming home a strong 2nd, giving us our 1st 1-2 of the year. Result!!

In the afternoon, Jamie was out 1st for the 2nd PI600's race, got another good start and was in 1st place into the 1st turn! As the rain had stopped and the track was just starting to dry on the racing line in a few places but he rode an excellent and controlled race, taking the flag for his 3rd win of the day!

Shane and Jamie then took the decision to run wet front/dry rear tyres due to the continued drying state on the track, and a top call it was too. Shane held the lead from the lights and didn't look back, ensuring he took the spoils in their 2nd race, with Jamie following home on the 600 for our 2nd 1-2 of the day.

An outstanding performance fella's, not just by Shane and Jamie, but all the guys and gals in the crew, Jack, Mick, Helen, Ian, John, Laura, Emma, Sarah, Rach, Steve, Linda, photographers Andy & Val, and of course Ollie, Charlie, Chloe, and any others I've failed to recall!

Darley Moor Pre-98 & Pre-Injection 600 Championship - Round 3 - May 6th 2013.

With the snow behind us and gone, the British weather held another surprise, SUN!

Shane riding the 750 again, and now Jamie present and ridng the 600.

Qualiying went as well as we could wish for, Shane on pole again by a good margin, and Jamie lapping very well on the 600, grabbing 2nd on the grid in the PI600's, and 6th on the grid for the Pre-98's.

Just before Jamie went out, we found the tyre low on pressure, leaking on the rim seal following a tyre swap after qualifying, so only 10psi in the front tyre. Pumped the tyre up so Jamie could run, then when time on our hands, we could fix properly.

Jamie ran really strong in the 1st PI600 race, managed to put the tyre issue out of his mind and rode to an excellent and solid 3rd place, points on the board for the championship too.

Jamies tyre now resealed and reseated on the rim, both bikes headed out for the Pre-98's race.

Shane got a good start, lead into the 1st corner and didn't look back, and bagged the win. Jamie on the 600 was flying, and came home a very strong 3rd, setting some VERY quick times in the process. Also, Ian Morgan who pits with us came home 2nd, so resulted in a Meltedsliders/Pearson Racing tent 1st, 2nd &3rd!!!!!!!!


After dinner, Jamie was out 1st for the 2nd PI600's race, got a mega start and the race lead into the 1st turn! A small mistake saw him drop to 2nd, but was all over the back of the 1st place man. Then heading into Paddock the chain snapped and wrapped around the rear sprocket! Jamie, managed to keep it upright, well done again there, so that sidelined the 600 as the swingarm and sprocket were all damaged as well as the chain. Arse!

Shane went out as planned for the 2nd Pre-98's race, heading round to the collection area on the last call. But due to the carnage that had to be collected following the Kart race, had to switch the bike off to prevent overheating. Finally when all was cleared, the guys were let out for the sighting lap. Shane switched the bike on, pressed the start button, and........nothing. A failed starter motor cable caused us to sit that one out too!Double Arse!

Damage limitation came in to play, so we are still leading the Pre-98's championship but we could be leading by more. Eyes now looking toward Cadwell Park, for a round of the Thundersports WSB Golden Era Championship.

Darley Moor Pre-98 Championship - Round 1 & 2 - March 31st & April 1st 2013.

VERY cold, and still lots of snow, racing went ahead after much work by the Darley Moor crews to clear the track and make as safe as was possible.

Round 1, qualified on pole by 3 seconds, hopes were high for a good Race 1 result.

Race 1 sadly a DNF as were black flagged as a bloody clutch case bolt worked loose and allowed oil to dribble on the exhaust! Black flagged while leading, but set the fastest lap of the race. The problem was quickly identified and resolved, ready for race 2.

Race 2 won by 21 seconds!!!! Shane got into a rythm from the start, and gapped the rest. Bike really starting to look and sound fantastic, and very well ridden. Fastest lap again too. Well done guys!

Round 2, again qualified on pole by a good margin, temperature was down to almost freezing, with a bitter wind to add to the joys.

Race 1 won by a very healthy margin, and fastest lap. Shane starting to catch and lap back markers on lap 4!

Race 2 another win by slightly less but Shane did wheelie the bike virtually the whole of the last lap, so reason enough for the reduced winning margin! Fastest lap and the championship lead too.