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The Dyno at Meltedsliders is the latest available from Dynojet Research, with Eddy brake installed. Now with the added features of a Torque Cell, allows extra abilities to map ignitions and stand alone ECU's such as Motec and Ignitech, along with step mapping and custom runs for wind drag simulation etc.
Fully equipped with Dynojet Tuning Link software for fast and accurate mapping of PC3's and PC5's.
Extensively soundproofed, and Ram Air feed with exhaust extraction.

Sean Dyers extensively modified Kawasaki ZX10R.

Mark Evans GSXR 1000 K8.
Sensible mods to make an extremely effective road bike.

Dan Coopers' 2012 IOM TT Supersport Bike.

TAG Triumph BSS Bikes use Meltedsliders Dyno for testing and developement.

Bigbore GSXR 1100 Streetfighter.
Resulted in one of the best gains ever seen on my Dyno, with fuelling corrected and tuned gave an increase of over 60bhp!

Andy Bown's TZR250 Race Bike.

Big Bore 1260cc GSX Engine in GS1000 Frame running Mikuni Flat-slides and Dyna 2000 Ignition.